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Sunday Summer services

Produced by the Religious Services Committee

June 27

A General Assembly Online Worship — open and free to all  
(No service at Murray UU)
Join us online virtually at 12:00 pm EDT for the largest annual gathering of UUs joining in worship. The service will be streamed on GA Online Events and on the UUA’s YouTube channel; members of the public are welcome. For more information on the service, click here.

July 4

Freedom | Religious Services Committee
Nelson Mandela said, “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedoms of others.”  What does freedom mean to you? Join us on the Fourth of July for a discussion of different views of freedom.

July 11

Learning to Fall: Lessons from Philip Simmons  | Jeremiah Falvey
“From our first faltering steps,” Simmons says, “we may fall into disappointment or  grief, fall into or out of love, fall from youth or health. And though we have little choice as to the timing or means of our descent, we may,” as he affirms, “fall with grace, to grace.”
— Philip Simmons

July 18

TBA | Ted Weil

July 25

Lessons from the Beatles and the Bee Gees | David Calusdian
Music can inspire, make you think, or just get you dancing.  And sometimes you can even learn a thing or two from your favorite bands. This service focuses on lessons learned from the Beatles and the Bee Gees – two of the biggest bands in the 60s and 70s.  (And we’ll sing along with some of the best classic rock and disco hits of all time!)

August 1

Weapons of MATH Destruction | Len Yutkins
Artificial intelligence is determining what we search online.  Censoring what news we get is determined by computer algorithms that can have racial bias.  What can be done?

August 8

Scheduling Joy | Marguerite MacLean  
Many of of us have heard that finding moments of joy are not only good for our well being, but can actually be good for our overall health. I would like to suggest taking it to the next step and actually scheduling joy. I’ll discuss a brief overview on the importance of having moments of joy and then give some examples on how you can actually create the habit of scheduling joy into your life.

August 15

Cinco deMayo | Monica Weil
I remember asking my mother when I was child if Cinco de Mayo was a holiday in Mexico. “They only celebrate that in the United States,” she said, but in Spanish.  Funny things happen in translation.  People are impacted everyday by images that are not truly representative of their groups.  Let’s bring perspective and also celebrate our connected cultures.

August 22

Anti-Racism | Bruce Field & Colleen DeGroot

August 29

U Be U | Heidi Ferreira
The inherent worth and dignity of every person is our first principle.  Do we always apply the principle to ourselves? Do we value ourselves the way we should? Do we share the same positive words and encouragement to ourselves that we offer to our friends and family?  We all have quirks, fears, reservations, ideas, and experiences.  We are all Unique, AND we share commonalities.  This interactive service is an opportunity to embrace our Uniqueness in our church community; and welcome our commonalities together, while participating in an exercise we sometimes do in Youth Group.

September 5

Kindness | Donna Seagrave
Consider Kindness: Consider a time when you received a kindness or were kind to someone else. Did you realize then that the kindness given and received had a positive effect on you? Let us dedicate ourselves to making kindness the bridge between us, as we emerge from this tumultuous pandemic year!

Regular worship resumes on September 12

Water Communion Ingathering | Rev. Gretchen Weis


Church News & Updates

Sunday, October 3

“Frederick Douglass:  The Abolitionist’s Journey from Devout Christian to an 'Infidel' Humanist” Frederick Douglass was one of the most famous abolitionists in the 1800s who knew the horrors of slavery firsthand.  Douglass originally identified as a church-going...

Sunday, September 26

“Imagine You are a Puzzle Piece” Think of yourself as a single puzzle piece. Your individual talents and gifts are symbolized by the splashes of color and hints of patterns defining your unique piece. We come in different sizes and shapes.  Our irregular edges hint at...

Sunday, September 19

“Separation of Church and State: They Really Meant It!” If July 4th and the Declaration of Independence represent the birth of our nation, then September 17th symbolizes when America moved into adulthood -- when 39 hot, tired, sweaty men dressed in stockings signed...