Sunday, June 13

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The Bumpy Road Ahead to the New Normal

We thought it was difficult to adapt when the world suddenly shut down last March and turned our whole words upside down. Yet the road back to whatever the new normal will turn out to be will also be fraught with uncertainty, challenges, and stress. Our Reopening Task Force will continue to meet over the summer and follow the science and Massachusetts reopening guidelines to decide when and how we can safely reopen back up again fully. When that time comes, much will feel wonderfully familiar, and much will have changed. We don’t know what the new normal at Murray will look like. We’re going to have to create that new normal, together. Here are some things to think about as we contemplate that bumpy road ahead to a post-pandemic world.


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Sunday, October 3

“Frederick Douglass:  The Abolitionist’s Journey from Devout Christian to an 'Infidel' Humanist” Frederick Douglass was one of the most famous abolitionists in the 1800s who knew the horrors of slavery firsthand.  Douglass originally identified as a church-going...

Sunday, September 26

“Imagine You are a Puzzle Piece” Think of yourself as a single puzzle piece. Your individual talents and gifts are symbolized by the splashes of color and hints of patterns defining your unique piece. We come in different sizes and shapes.  Our irregular edges hint at...

Sunday, September 19

“Separation of Church and State: They Really Meant It!” If July 4th and the Declaration of Independence represent the birth of our nation, then September 17th symbolizes when America moved into adulthood -- when 39 hot, tired, sweaty men dressed in stockings signed...