Sunday, June 20

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Flower Communion and End-of-Year Cookout, weather permitting

Weather permitting, we hope to hold our last Sunday worship of the official church year, which includes Flower Communion, outdoors at Murray on June 20 at our usual 10:00 a.m. Thanks to some leftover hamburgers (35), Boca burgers (4), hotdogs (30), chips (28 individual bags), lots of condiments, and plenty of drinks (water and sodas) from Murray’s Outdoor Fun Fest, there are plans afoot to do an end-of-the-year cookout immediately following the worship service.

All are invited. Flower Communion is always a multi-gen service. Everyone is invited to bring a flower to add to the community-wide bouquet we will create together at our outdoor altar.  The flower you bring will symbolize the many gifts you bring to Murray. During the service we will bless the flowers and each person will be asked to come forward to take a different flower to symbolize the many gifts you receive being part of our church community.

All activities are planned for outdoors. If you are not comfortable attending in person, you may log on to the worship service on Zoom, the same as usual.


For Covid safety, hand sanitizer and extra masks will be available.  We are encouraging the following:

  • For those vaccinated, masks are optional. For those unvaccinated, for our children, and for anyone feeling more comfortable, masks are strongly recommended.
  • Plan to bring your own lawn or camping chairs to set up in the church’s back yard at appropriate distances from others. For those who need them, our church folding chairs will be available for you to grab and set up wherever you would like to sit outdoors. The D&Ds can assist people with chairs.
  • Please plan to stay to enjoy the cookout. If hamburgers and hot dogs are not your things, you are encouraged to pack your own picnic lunch, including whatever you might wish to have grilled for you and your family.
  • We plan to have the backyard of the church sprayed for mosquitoes and ticks several days ahead of the service, but all bug spray, sunscreen, and other warm-weather outdoor gear are welcome.

Stay tuned to the weather forecasts between now and Sunday, June 20th.  Again, in the event of rain, the service will move completely online on Zoom and we will live to picnic another day!


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