Sunday, June 6

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“God is Not One”

Some idealists like to think of the major religions as just different paths up to the same mountain top. While this is a lovely sentiment, it is dangerous, disrespectful, and untrue, claims Stephen Prothero, professor of religion at BU. In his fascinating book, “God is Not One,” Prothero shows us how radically different the major religions are from one another in how they define life’s central problem and what religious solutions are offered to address the problem.

Service by Rev. Gretchen Weis, Minister


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Sunday, October 3

“Frederick Douglass:  The Abolitionist’s Journey from Devout Christian to an 'Infidel' Humanist” Frederick Douglass was one of the most famous abolitionists in the 1800s who knew the horrors of slavery firsthand.  Douglass originally identified as a church-going...

Sunday, September 26

“Imagine You are a Puzzle Piece” Think of yourself as a single puzzle piece. Your individual talents and gifts are symbolized by the splashes of color and hints of patterns defining your unique piece. We come in different sizes and shapes.  Our irregular edges hint at...

Sunday, September 19

“Separation of Church and State: They Really Meant It!” If July 4th and the Declaration of Independence represent the birth of our nation, then September 17th symbolizes when America moved into adulthood -- when 39 hot, tired, sweaty men dressed in stockings signed...