Sunday, May 9

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“Praise to Those Who Nurture”

Some of who we are is due to nature – the unique blend of genetic inheritance that blesses us with our native talents and abilities.  And so much of who we are is also due to nurture – to the people who loved us, inspired us, taught us, encouraged us, and course-corrected us whenever we made mistakes.  Let us give thanks for the nurturing that loved us into being who we are – no matter which loving adult that nurturing may have come from.  And, on this Mother’s Day, it’s a good time to pause and reflect on how we pay nurturing love forward to encourage and help shape new generations.


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Free concert

Chaminade Music Club Chaminade Music Club free concert, donations accepted, this Sunday, October 31, 2 p.m. at Murray Unitarian Universalist Church featuring Margaret Clark, piano; Joanne Mouradjian, soprano; Zarina Irkaeva and Thomas Conrad, viola da gambas; and Ann...

Sunday, October 31

“U.U. Characters of Campassion” It’s a multi-generational Halloween service!  Murrayites of all ages are invited (but not required) to come dressed as your favorite Unitarian, Universalist or Unitarian Universalist person/being whose story or values inspire you.  Or...

Sunday, October 24

“Try a Little Tenderness” This has been a long, bone wearying year and a half.  We’ve had to endure huge disruptions in our lives.  We’ve learned to live with fear and uncertainty as our new normal.  We are SO ready to get past Covid and get our lives back.  Yet here...