Sunday, September 12

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We Will Gather In-Person Outdoors for our Water Ingathering Service

Please plan to join us in the church backyard this Sunday morning at 10 am for in-person worship. As with the Flower Communion held last June, please plan to bring your lawn or camp chairs, personal bug spray, sunscreen, and masks.  For more details, click here.  

Annual Water Ingathering
It’s our annual water ingathering service, where people are invited to bring a small water sample to represent what they did this summer.  Water samples can come from as far away as a vacation destination or as near as your backyard garden hose or kitchen sink. We will combine our samples into a communal bowl to symbolize our coming back together again, co-creating a beloved community, together, one drop, one person at a time!  We anticipate a powerful symbolic and literal worship in-gathering experience, as we gather together in person!


Church News & Updates

Sunday, October 31

“U.U. Characters of Campassion” It’s a multi-generational Halloween service!  Murrayites of all ages are invited (but not required) to come dressed as your favorite Unitarian, Universalist or Unitarian Universalist person/being whose story or values inspire you.  Or...

Sunday, October 24

“Try a Little Tenderness” This has been a long, bone wearying year and a half.  We’ve had to endure huge disruptions in our lives.  We’ve learned to live with fear and uncertainty as our new normal.  We are SO ready to get past Covid and get our lives back.  Yet here...

Holiday Fair 2021

Friday, November 12, 11 am to 7 pm, and Saturday, November 13, 9 am to 3 pm Almost Antiques Grandma’s Attic Grandpa’s Garage Toy Room Book Room Bake Shop Crafts A New Christmas Shop! Raffles Gourmet Guys Vendors with cool stuff! And our Nifty Thrifty Boutique!...